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gipka i popularna

Mislili ste da je joga samo za mršave: ona ima 100 kilograma i ruši taj mit

gipka i popularna

Ovo je Jessamyn Stanley (28) i teška je preko 100 kilograma te je dugogodišnja praktikantica joge.

Jessamyn na svojim profilima na Facebooku, YouTubeu, Instagramu i Snapchatu objavljuje videa i postove te time potiče i druge pretile žene da počnu vježbati i da će tako postati sigurnije u sebe i u svoje tijelo, kojim se bez obzira na kilograme trebaju ponositi. 

'Ja sam Jessamyn. Pretila sam i je.... obožavam jogu.'  Tako se predstavlja Jessamyn na Instagramu.

'Joga ne poznaje granice što se tiče težine. Želim ženama pokazati da se mogu baviti sportom i da im pri tome primarni cilj ne mora biti to da mršave', kaže Jessamyn.

 Jessamyn živi u Sjevernoj Karolini i nudi radionice joge te putuje na joga događanja diljem cijelog svijeta.

Ona je dokaz kako joga nije samo za vitke i prelijepe žene koje sliče modelima s naslovnica, već je za sve one koje se žele osjećati zdravima i sretnima.

Ugledajte se na nju jer ruši 'fit' mitove i broji na tisuće fanova na Instagramu. Možemo samo reći bravo Jessamyn jer nam je pokazala koliko žene mogu biti prelijepe kada zrače iznutra.

Ona je dokaz da nam ništa ne smije biti prepreka u želji do ispunjenja zadanog cilja i uspjeha. 



Y'all, since returning home to North Carolina most recently, I have been trying to lay as low as humanly possible. I may seem gregarious but the extroverted introvert struggle is real. At this point, I don't want to do anything but spend time with my family, friends, cat, dog, and yoga mat. Frequently, when I'm at home, I will cut myself off from social media entirely because I can feel it sapping out my energy. As much as I love it, all of this stuff can make me feel like Narcissus looking into that damn pool of water and I have to train myself to look away as often as I can. I'm covering for babygirl Jessica Cuttance at @durhamyoga this week, y'all- I'm teaching the noon flow on Thursday, see y'all there! Bathing suit by @additionelle Photo by @zoelitaker

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)




So I had an incredible experience practicing my #split leg #headstands while I was in Colorado earlier this week- I even had the wherewithal to actually record it and write a heartfelt (*cough* sappy *cough cough*) caption about it. Butttt Instagram doesn't give a single solitary fuck about my introspective headstand video and i can't post it for some reason. Quelle surprise, right? Whatever- I'm just going to hush up & enjoy this throwback to straight legs in my underwear. Boom- yoga in action. Anyway, I’m taking over the @popsugarfitness snapchat tomorrow (10am-12pm EST), & I’ll be sharing tips about healthy ways to love your body + a fun beginner-friendly yoga sequence. Loving my body is a day by day journey, and I’m excited to have a more direct conversation with y’all about ways to start a healthier conversation with your own body. Check me out over there tomorrow from 10am-12pm EST- their snap is @popsugar! And, as always, you can find my snap antics at @mynameisjessamy!

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)



There are no words to express what it means to have y'all share your love with me. It's overwhelming at times, especially since I'm such an introvert. But if I could ask for anything in this world, I'd ask that everyone who has ever said something nice to/about me would look in the mirror and say those exact same words to themselves. It is so much easier to tell others "I love you" or "You're beautiful." It is so fucking hard to say it to ourselves. Please say it to yourself. Please look in a mirror and say "I love you." I appreciate you more than words can say- please appreciate yourselves. I'm teaching my first @yogajournal LIVE workshop at @yogajournalevents Florida on November 12th- Click the link in my Instagram header for more info! (Also, never have I ever appreciated and loved my belly the way I do in this moment.) ALSO, for those who asked what my tats say: "Esse Quam Videri", "Whose world is this? The world is yours." & "What I'm looking for is not out there, it is in me." 📸 by @nadyawasylko for @selfmagazine

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)




The fact that #hanumanasana/#monkeypose is such a regular part of my asana practice speaks volumes to the power of consistent vulnerability. Literally the only way I can ever practice this pose is if I allow my soul to be vulnerable to the universe. Throwback to practicing #splits & listening to @kendricklamar w/ the @shape_magazine team. I had a great time shooting w/ them & babygirl @kyliegilbert she wrote an awesome recap of our time together- you can check it out on the @shapemagazine website. Also, everyone has had so much to say about my armpit hair recently. I literally never notice it and I'm so glad that y'all do. It's like #alixolson says- "Armpit hair is simply mammally factual." 💯💯 Leggings- @k.deer Top- @vonscher_active

Fotografiju objavljuje Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)

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